Saudi Polypropylene Sack Factory produces all types of Flexible Intermediate Container Bags ( FIBC ) for a wide range of usage ,

FIBC ' s or better known as bulk Jumbo bags are produced from top quality Woven polypropylene fabric and comply with all standards . Available in two basic types , the FIBC ' s are made of plain woven fabric used with or without a fitted polyethylene liner or extrusion coated material , used without a liner and with leak proof seams if required.

All polypropylene FIBC ' s are available with a choice of open top , duffle / skirt top or inlet sleeve , The base is either flat or fitted with an outlet sleeve and tie cord ,

FIBC ' s are fitted with 4 lifting straps for 4 point pickup or of greater length of single point lifting . All straps can be fitted with special sleeves for Wear protection,

Cloth produced for FIBC ' s can also be used for manufacturing trailer tarpaulin covers , fitted with steel eyelets . These covers are Waterproof,

FIBC are rated with a safe working load of 500kg , 1000kg , 1500kg or 2000kg with 5 : 1 or 6 : 1 safety factor .